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Video Editing Equipment and Art

A touch of Hollywood cinematic effect isn’t so hard to ask for from our home-made videos. Your plain, raw footage can be turned into a proud masterpiece. Gone are those days when lifeless, boring films dominate our old film industry.The sound is unclear because microphones aren’t used, not to mention, the lighting are terrible because no gaffers were hired that time. Thanks to modern day technology, as it gave birth to video editing equipment.Foremost, what exactly is video editing? According to Wikipedia, it is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots and make it anew. It is a way of removing the flaws from your video shots and creating a flow that will either tell a story or become informative and educational. Then you add effects, graphics and sound. You may also alter the style, and mood settings of the video. But in simpler terms, to me, video editing is a combination of art and technicality.The art of being technical sets in with the use of equipment or tools needed to make raw video shots sensational. You should have a good personal computer equipped with a special software to be able to do this. Perhaps it is the most common equipment there is nowadays. So, it’s hardware plus software put into good use…viola! In this method, video footage is saved onto a computer hard drive and then edited using certain video editing software. Once it is complete, the finished product is recorded back to tape or compact disk. This a very flexible method as it allows you to make changes to any part of the video at any time. This hassle-free technique is called non-linear or digital video editing.In several occasions, the use of other equipment such as multiple cameras and other video machines are tapped to a central console where it allows you to edit something on the spot. An example to that is a live news coverage or television program. Very high tech indeed!However, before the advent of these latest gadgets and computers, the method of linear video editing calls for the use of two editing machines connected together to transfer one tape to another. One machine works as the source while the other acts as a recorder. What if the editor notices a tiny flaw found in the earlier part of the? Too bad, he just can’t go back and re-edit it!Start making a video you can show-off to the world now. Later, guys!